J&P - Diamond

Tips Attention When Using

1. Please choose the right cutting blades for different processing requirements brick quality.


2. Special note: installing a saw blade, cutting head shall be adjusted to below the workbench slot hole surface, and no more than 2 mm.If more than standard, the saw blade is easy to produce not sharp, bad phenomena such as deformation, shorten service life, more than the more unhealthy phenomenon, the more obvious.

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3. The use of cooling water water level adjustment, ensure that water straight at the cutting point, to ensure that the use of the saw blades to achieve the best state.


4. Just began to use new blade should be slow down the sharpness of the ceramic tile, prevent push too fast saw blade deformation and damage, such as saw blade has a sharp edge and then gradually accelerate the speed, the normal work.


5. When using a slightly deformation caused in the process of saw blade, shall be promptly removed and install the saw blade transformation direction.Please slowly with ceramic tile, after installed for correction and the blade.After correction, can work normally.


6. Pay attention to the pressure plate nut locking blade installation, avoid the nut torque inadequate saw blade sliding, in order to ensure safety in production.